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Moyu Weilong Gen II Stickerless. Professional 3 x 3 cube. SpeedCubing. Moyu II Solid.


New product

New professional Moyu Weilong cube 3 x 3 Base without stickers or also called Solid. Gen 2 of the Moyu Stickerless. Special mesh pop for Speedcubing. A few very bright colors.

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  • Perfect esquinas-corte, anti-popeoo, turns with stability and smoothness that we can already say they have reached or even surpassed to the buckets for top-level speedcubing which are now on the market.
    The corner of negative cutting system anti-poping, POP is very very difficult to appear. Essential if you want to break your own records, get one now! Version Stickerless, decals.

    Size: 57 mm

    Difficulty: 8 / 12


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