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FangShi LimCube 3x3 Esférico Deforme


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The New 3x3 FangShi LimCube Spherical Deform, is a new and original modification of the magic cube 3x3

The corners are elongated to form a 2x2 frame, around a central sphere.

It does not have stickers and its colors are very striking.

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  • The FangShi LimCube 3x3 Spherical Deform is a 3x3 spherical cube.

    The inner sphere is deformed by rotating it so that once mixed the interior is not a perfect sphere.

    Stikerless version, does not carry stickers, so we can solve the FangShi LimCube 3x3 by colors, these colors being fluorescent.

    You can not miss this cube FangShi LimCube 3x3 Spherical Deform in your collection of cubes by Rubik, Dayan, Qiyi ...

    Size: 54,6 mm

    Difficulty: 6/12



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