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Moyu GuoGuan 3x3 YueXiao Pro M


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Guoguan Yuexiao 3x3x3 Pro M, magic cube with black base, in magnetic version, with new mechanism, improves the previous 3x3x3 cube version, with the latest features and improvements for speedcubing by the manufacturer Moyu, which opens a new brand for the occasion, Guoguan Yuexiao Prom M

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  • Guoguan Yuexiao 3x3x3 Pro M magic cube with base in black, magnetized version, is an excellent version of the 3x3x3 cube with the latest features and improvements for speedcubing by the manufacturer.

    In this new model, the edge pieces use segmented technology and have an algorithm (corner cutting, inverse corner cutting and anti-deformation) established through the mathematical model to obtain the best corners cutting through constant testing. Special anti-adhesive tracks help keep the rotating surfaces complete and also provide a stable turn, adding a new internal mechanism, and superior stability.

    The dynamic traction mold core and the injection molding technology of the corner pieces are the reasons that give the cube a perfect symmetry and avoids blockages. The center pieces of the cube have a larger design and are firmly fixed which prevents the caps from falling when the cube is turned.

    Its central lid is fully and admirably coupled with the centerpiece, which helps the caps do not skip.

    Do not miss the opportunity to check the latest advances of Moyu to speedcubing with this incredible cube.

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