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MoYu WeiLong 3x3 WR M 2021 upgrade to the popular WeiLong WR M 3x3 2020

is the first cube in the WEILONG series to come with changeable magnetic forces.

Version : Stickerless

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  • MOYU WEILONG 3x3 WRM 2021, this version surpasses the weilong WR M 3X3 2020.

    A total of 45 combinations of sensations: Dual adjustment system (9 levels of elasticity) and 5 levels of magnet strength give you more adjustment options.

    Magnetic adjustment method:

    1. Rotate the hub layer to show.

    2. Use the magnetic adjustment tool on the magnetic part to adjust the clock hands.

    Creative dual adjustment system: Unique design of 9 levels of dual adjustment in tensioning, you can adjust the elasticity at your own preference.

    Weilong WRM2021 is 55mm in size, smaller than conventional buckets, more controllable, easier to hold and grip.

    New non-stick design

    New non-stick design on the edge parts reducing the contact surface and improving the service life.

    It will surprise you, for sure, and give you a new feeling in your hands, so you can make new challenges and beat your times.

    Included accessories

    • adjustment tool
    • screws
    • screwdriver
    • core
    • magnets

    It will give you one of the best solving experiences, both for the most demanding and expert cubers, and for those who are just starting to solve Rubik's cubes, Moyu, Dayan...

    Size: 55*55*55mm

    Weight: 78gr



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