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This pack of 3 Brain Games from Recent Toys includes the original and two Brainstring variations together, to keep your mind working for hours and hours.

A challenge only for the most daring.

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  • Batch with 3 fabulous Recent Toys Brain Teasers:

    Brainstring R

    The popular Brainstring has turned upside down! Brainstring 'R' is as knotty as the original, but has a movable ball with a 360 ° spin that will have you on the ropes.
    Rotate, rotate, stretch and slide the puzzle in all directions to unravel the injured knot. Once the strings are completely separated, the puzzle is solved - no strings attached.

    Recommended Age: +6 years

    Reinforce your:

    Logic, Strategy, Focus

    How to play

    Align the tracks and rotate the two halves in opposite directions.
    Each spin will entangle or untangle the strings inside.
    Solve by untangling the knot so that none of the strings touch.


    Brainstring Retro

    Brainstring Retro Original:

    Recommended ages: + 6 years

    It consists of a transparent polycarbonate cube with 12 elastic strands
    Using an ingenious pattern of incisions the ropes can be moved through the hub
    The result: complex knots appear on the inside.
    The main objective of the game is to change the colors of the external buttons, without creating a knot inside.


    Advanced Brainstring

    Brainstring Advanced is one of the best sellers around the world. Endless combinations and endless fun.

    Recommended age: +7 years

    Reinforce your:

    Thin Motor, Spatial Reasoning, Logic

    How to play

    1. Move the strings by grasping the colored tips and moving them along the tracks.
    2. Set the puzzle by creating a knot in the center.
    3. Solve by untangling the knot so that no strings are touched.


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