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Yolocoloco. 3d Nintendo Barrel Puzzle


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The newer version of the Nintendo Barrel also known as 10 Billion Barrel, called Yolocoloco (I-place-it) invented in the ' 80s.  

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  • This complicated puzzle was manufactured by Nintendo in 1980 before the company limited its production to consoles and video games. The Ten Billion Barrel also called Billion Barrel or the Nintendo Tumbler Puzzle was invented by Gumpei Yokoi. It has a total of 4.509.264.634.875 of positions, many more than its name says.

    The puzzle has 23 colored balls arranged in five columns spaced evenly around the sides of the barrel. Own barrel has six rows. Two (nonadjacent) columns that have only 4 balls and found in the center of four rows. The other three columns with 5 balls, and extra balls that are all in the top row, or in the bottom row. Black core can move up or down, and moves along the same three columns. In the center of the four ranks are two disks that can be rotated. When rotating a disc the balls in the two rows contained, move around the columns. The objective of the game is to place four balls of the same color in each one of the five columns with three black balls filling the top of columns.

    A great 3D puzzle you can not miss!



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