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3x3 Wange Magic Cube Block Puzzle


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3x3 Magic Cube Block Puzzle, DIY 3x3 with tiles in the shape of pieces similar to those of Lego

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  • 3x3 Magic Cube Block Puzzle, is a 3x3 DIY, with interchangeable tiles. Soft twist

    The best of this 3x3 is that if you can not solve the puzzle in the usual way, you can simply remove the additional pieces and solve it as a normal cube.

    The box includes: 3x3 cube, springs, screws, screwdriver, lubricant, stand and tool to remove the tiles.

    Get yours and add it to your collection of Qiyi, Dayan, Rubik's and Be a Genius !!! with

    Size: 60 X60x60 mm

    Weight: 80gr

    Difficulty: 4/12


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