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Lot with 5 of the best classic jigsaw puzzle games of Z-CUBE STICKERLESS

Each cube for just over € 5 a unit !!! Everything a gift.

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  • The Z-Cube STICKERLESS Pack is a pack including 5 cubes without stickers

    These are the cubes that includes this pack:

    - Z Cube 2x2 STICKERLESS

    - Z Cube 3x3 STIKERLESS

    - Z Cube Pyraminx STICKERLESS

    - Z Cube Mirror STICKERLESS

    - Z Cube Megaminx STICKERLESS

    Complete your collection of Rubik's cubes, Dayan, Meffert, Qiyi, with these new Z-Cube and ... Be a Genius !!!


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