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Lote Speed Cubing Megaminx ,Skewb, Square-1, Pyraminx


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A perfect pack to train your mind at a very affordable price.

Learn how to make a Skew, Pyraminsx, 12x12 and Square-1.

All in stickerless version so the stickers will never be damaged as it does not wear.

Very good turn and cut corners, ideal to start in the world of speed cubing.

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  • Speed ​​Cubing initiation lot
    With this batch of initiation you will get some cubes, of the best in relation quality price, this pack includes:

    - Cube Moyu, Mofang Jiaoshi 12x12, will drive you crazy, with your gentle movements you'll want to solve it as soon as possible, but it's not as easy as it seems.

    - Cube Moyu, Mofang Jiaoshi Square-1 stickerless

    - Cube Moyu, Mofang Jiaoshi Pyraminx, a classic

    - Cube Moyu, Mofang Jiaoshi Skew, a challenge in your hands

    You will be a teacher already in the realization of all kinds of cubes Rubik, Dayan, Qiyi ...

    With this batch you will train your mind anywhere for an exceptional price.

    Complete your collection with this Pack and ... Be a Genius !!!


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