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RUBIK´S 360º Six balls of colors, three transparent spheres, only a solution. It defies gravity. Now the Rubik's 360 °.

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  • RUBIK´S 360º

    The new cube of Rubik's 360 ° is spherical, not in the form of cube and is transparent rather than opaque. A lucid mind is needed to solve it, has six colors of the classic Rubik's cube, but it is more than a logical challenge, also need skill. Very addictive and instinctive, once you have it in your hands will not stop to resolve it. Discover how it works, and gravity-defying.

    Players must place the colored balls from the inner sphere into the slots of the same color of the outer sphere, moving them to trasves of a sphere media which has only two holes.

    Size: 6 cm or approx..

    Difficulty: 10 / 12



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