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LUXURIOUS SET QIYI CUBE 8 IN 1 brings us this excelete Pack.

8 cubes Qiyi to train your mind at a very exceptional price, and in a really nice box.

Includes: Skew, Piraminx, Megamix, Ivy, Mirror, 2x2,3x3,4x4

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  • LUXURIOUS SET QIYI CUBE 8 IN 1, with this Luxury Set you will get some cubes, of the best in relation quality price, this pack includes:

    - Megaminx 12x12 Qiheng, it will drive you crazy

    - Skewb Qicheng, a challenge in your hands

    - Pyraminx, a classic

    - Ivy, the simplest, but not for that, less fun

    - Mirror Silver, you will be trapped by the Mirromania

    - 2x2 Qidi, it seems simple ... but it is not!

    - 3x3 Sail the classic among the classics

    - 4x4 Qiyuan, the "revenge" Can you take it?

    In addition Qiyi lots, including the Secret Tutorial, this cubes Qiyi resolutions book, includes WCA cube tutorials, including 2x2 to 7x7, Megaminx, Pyraminx Skewb and Sq1 and many more models.

    All of them in black base and with high quality stickers.

    You will be a real crack in the realization of all kinds of Rubik's Cubes. And this Pack with the quality of Qiyi.

    With this batch you will train your mind anywhere for an exceptional price.

    Ideal gift for you or for whom you want ... you will be great!

    Complete your collection with this Pack and ... Be a Genius !!!


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