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Magic Clock is a mechanical puzzle that Shengshou is launching on the market, in a new version, this time Magnetic.

Being Magnetic makes the turns easier and safer

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  • Magic Clock is a mechanical puzzle invented and patented by Christopher C. Wiggs and Christopher J. Taylor. It was first marketed in 1988.

    Clock is a two-faced puzzle, each face presenting nine clocks to the puzzle. There are four wheels, one on each corner of the puzzle, each allowing the corresponding corner clock to turn directly. (Corner clocks, unlike other clocks, turn on both sides of the puzzle at once and can never run independently. Thus, the puzzle contains only 4 independent clocks. )

    There are also four buttons that extend to both sides of the puzzle; each button arranged in such a way that if it is "in" on one side it is "out" on the other. The state of each button (in or out) determines whether the adjacent corner clock is mechanically connected to the other three adjacent clocks on the front or the back: therefore the configuration of the buttons determines which sets of clocks can be activated simultaneously by rotating a suitable wheel.

    The aim of the puzzle is to set all the clocks from nine to twelve ( upwards ) on both sides of the puzzle simultaneously.

    Actually, it is very easy to solve this puzzle. One reason for this is that unlike (for example) the 3X3 Cube, the clock is a commutative puzzle: the order in which the operations are performed does not matter. (This is true as long as we understand "operation" in the sense of an action of "adjusting the buttons and then turning a wheel" - of course individual button moves do not commute with wheel moves. ) Therefore a complete mathematical solution can be obtained by merely using linear algebra techniques without involving the subject of group theory which is often required in sequential motion puzzles.

    Magic Clock is suitable for official competitions. Get one and you won't stop playing until you solve it.

    Weight : 140 gr



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