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GAN 356 X arrives the new superior magnetic 3x3 cube.

The exceptional thing about this new Gan are its interchangeable magnets.

One of the best cubes for speed of the moment

Available in black and stickerless base

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  • GAN 356 X, of the best 3x3 cubes of the moment. With interchangeable magnets inside, it has an excellent cut of corners, smooth rotation and super stable.

    You can adjust and condition it to your liking and thus improve the cutting of corners.

    High quality stickers, brand ORACAL, bright SUPER colors.

    It comes with a replacement stickers and bag of velvet Gans.

    The box carries:

    1 GAN 356 X with numerical IPG, 3 set GES, 3 set magnetic capsules, 1 GAN 356 X card, 1 blue bag with GAN logo

    Get your GAN 356 X and Be a Genius ... !!! with

    Size: 56mmx56mm

    Weight: 76gr


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