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  • ANACONDA, this wooden puzzle, from the Leonardo series, consists of 64 cubes connected with a rubber A new series of puzzle games including oversized classic 3D cubes Amazing puzzle only for EXPERTS.  

  • MONSTER GO SNAKE 24 PIECES The Monster Go Snake 24 pieces in 2 new colours to choose from Red and Green

  • ARISTÓTELES NUMBER PUZZLE you will have to make each row, both horizontal, diagonal and vertical add up to 38 Difficulty: INCREDIBLE 5/6

  • TANTRI Consists of rotating the 4 levels of wood to obtain a coloured marble in each column Difficulty: HARD 3/6 Ancient Asian puzzle, grandfather of the Rubik's Cube

  • ARISTÓTELES PUZZLE : You will have to arrange the coloured pieces inside the case, using different combinations of the 10 pieces provided and different starting schemes.

  • The Twist Snake is one of the most creative 3D puzzle and allows you to create multiple shapes and figures that you imagine.

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