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What are hanayama puzzles and how do they work?

Hanayama puzzles are metal puzzles to dismantle.

Hanayama puzzles are a hobby that requires concentration in order to disarm them by separating their different pieces and reassembling them.

If you're a lover of puzzles and puzzle-solving games, hanayama may be your new favorite pastime. The metal puzzles designed by this Japanese company are something very different from what we're used to and once you start deciphering them, it's hard not to get hooked on them and keep getting better.

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How these puzzles work

These cast zinc puzzles have multiple shapes and designs, plus six different difficulty levels. The objective is to disassemble them by rotating, sliding or moving the different pieces that make them up, and then reassemble them, which is also a challenge. Its difficulty compared to other puzzles is remarkable, but one of the most amusing aspects is its design. The shapes of these puzzles are familiar to all of us, and with each of them the game varies completely.

The Japanese company started making these metal puzzles in 1983, but the tradition of this type of hobby is many years old. In the 3rd century B.C., in Greece there were wooden puzzles of different shapes that had to be assembled and disassembled. But it was not until the end of the 19th century that this type of game began to become popular. Hanayama included the novelty of creating these toys in zinc and developed many different designs.

As the different pieces are different and with very striking designs, they also lead to collecting several as they are resolved. The company goes to great lengths to create striking and diverse designs that are visually appealing. Subsequently, the molds of each design are created to manufacture the pieces and, finally, each one of them is assembled. The key to the success of these puzzles is the challenge of solving, through planning and concentration, small challenges that may seem complicated at first, but can be achieved.

The different levels of play
One of the most interesting aspects of these puzzles is that their designs are perfectly classified into the six difficulty levels created. In this way, you can challenge yourself as you solve more difficult pieces. To begin with, level 1 lets you familiarise yourself with the puzzle system and have a good time. In level 2, you'll need a little more concentration to solve it, but it's from level 3 onwards when the difficulty is greatest and you have to think about how to dislodge the pieces. Levels 4 and 5 include more and more details that stand in the way, so the level of critical thinking needed to disarm the puzzle is already very high. Finally, level 6 includes the most difficult pieces to solve.

Besides being a way to spend boring moments, these puzzles require a level of concentration that will allow you to put other thoughts aside and focus your mind. All this having a good time, and feeling the satisfaction of solving the different pieces and, little by little, go up in the levels of hanayama until you become an expert.

Written by José Manuel Portero for MasKeCubos ® (All rights reserved)

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