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  • SNAKE You will have to assemble and disassemble the cube. The cube is made up of 27 pieces joined by a rubber band. Difficulty: DIFFICULT 3/6

  • ANACONDA, this wooden puzzle, from the Leonardo series, consists of 64 cubes connected with a rubber A new series of puzzle games including oversized classic 3D cubes Amazing puzzle only for EXPERTS.  

  • Wooden Puzzle New and innovative 2D jigsaw puzzles in the shape of animals. Super beautiful and high quality.

  • Everyone knew that atoms existed, but no one could prove it... And then came Einstein!

  • TRIDOMINO A new version of the classic DOMINO, much richer and more interesting. The game can last up to 2 hours!

  • FLOWER MAZE Will you be able to get the ball out of the maze?

  • Meffert's Pyraminx Deluxe in limited edition, in wood, of one of the most known puzzles in the world Pyraminx.

  • ARISTÓTELES NUMBER PUZZLE you will have to make each row, both horizontal, diagonal and vertical add up to 38 Difficulty: INCREDIBLE 5/6

  • SET 6 IN 1 - LEONARDO SERIES, 3 sets of ingenuity in wood + 3 in metal (iron).

  • 3 wooden and 2 metal brainteasers from the series "The Great Minds". Each of the brain teasers is named after a scientist and refers to the knowledge needed to solve them.

  • SET 4 + 1 IN 1 - MIX SERIE LEONARDO, : 4 games of wit + 1 mathematical game. Open the Secret Chest and solve the mathematical game

  • Molecula You will have to disassemble and assemble the sphere again, made of 42 pieces This puzzle is formed by a succession of 27 pieces joined by an elastic band that binds them

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