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Puzzle composed of pieces that can rotate and change of position. Its name comes from the English words skew and cube and was invented by british journalist Tony Durham.

Recently, many models inspired SkewB are being manufactured.

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  • The QiYi Ivy Cube is the first non-WCA puzzle in the line of QiYi MoFangG sheet cubes.

    8,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • Hollow Cube 3X3 , The hollow cube of Meffets, is the latest innovation of this brand of quality, within the world of ingenious cubes. A new Challenge that will make you break your head!

    17,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • Super Ivy Cube is Qiyi's novel interpretation of the classic Rex Cube.

    13,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • The SkewB Ultimate 12 colors with black base is a dodecahedron. Each side is cut into 4 parts, two equals and two different ones resulting in 8 small and 6 large corner pieces.

    14,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • Qiyi Qiheng Skewb with Black Base is the version from quality manufacturer of the famous puzzle invented by Tony Durham.

    10,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • New Moyu Mofang Container Stickerless is a modification of the Skewb model, somewhat longer, very fun and not too complicated to solve.

    7,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • QiYi Six Spot Cube new cube brand, recognized, Qiyi Simple, beautiful, and economical

    8,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • Hollow Skew Ultimate , this hollow skew Ultimate from Meffert's, is the latest innovation from this quality brand, within the world of skew buckets. The Hollow Series presents an intriguing and innovative breakthrough in puzzles. A new challenge that will make you break your head!

    19,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • MEILONG SKEWB DOUBLE from Moyu comes this new double skew !!

    8,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • YUXIN SKEWB Carbon Fiber is a hub with a carbon fiber sticker. In order to be able to differentiate each face, as they are all with black stickers, the bases of each face of the Skewb Carbon Fiber are of a different colour.

    9,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • MONSTER GO SKEW New release of Gan, this time SKEW with a very good twist. Excellent quality/price ratio Version : stickerless

    11,95€ Tax included
    In stock
  • DAYAN CUBE 30 AXIS TWIST 30 is an impressive puzzle with round wheels to turn each side. Available in Black Base and Stickerless

    64,95€ Tax included
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