Puzzle composed of pieces that can rotate and change of position. Its name comes from the English words skew and cube and was invented by british journalist Tony Durham.

Recently, many models inspired SkewB are being manufactured.

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  • Hollow Cube 3X3 , The hollow cube of Meffets, is the latest innovation of this brand of quality, within the world of ingenious cubes. A new Challenge that will make you break your head!

  • The SkewB Diamond is a classic and a real challenge to your mind. This cube is made up of 8 sides with 4 pieces. Black Base

  • QJ SkewB Rhombic Dodecahedron with Black Base is a real challenge for your mind. This dodecahedron has 4 pieces in each one of its 12 sides. Its solution is easier than the classical dodecahedron Megaminx.

  • The QiYi Ivy Cube is the first non-WCA puzzle in the line of QiYi MoFangG sheet cubes.

  • The SkewB Ultimate 12 colors with black base is a dodecahedron. Each side is cut into 4 parts, two equals and two different ones resulting in 8 small and 6 large corner pieces.

  • NEW QIYI TWISTY SKEW  Stickerless is a curious and singular modification of a Skewb. It draws attention to its form and its super bright stickers. You'll have a great time with this Qiyi cube. Options: Stickerless

  • YuXin Greg's Multi Cube or YuXin Multi-Skewb Cube is a super innovative design of a 2-layer skewb. Designed by Greg's Puzzles and the YuXin brand. Available in color: blue and black

  • Qiyi Qiheng Skewb with Black Base is the version from quality manufacturer of the famous puzzle invented by Tony Durham.

  • QiYi Six Spot Cube new cube brand, recognized, Qiyi Simple, beautiful, and economical

  • Hollow Skew Ultimate , this hollow skew Ultimate from Meffert's, is the latest innovation from this quality brand, within the world of skew buckets. The Hollow Series presents an intriguing and innovative breakthrough in puzzles. A new challenge that will make you break your head!

  • Super Ivy Cube is Qiyi's novel interpretation of the classic Rex Cube.

  • FANXIN SKEW TWISTY CUBE is a curious and unique modification of a SKEW. It attracts attention with its witty shape and striking colours. This model is without stickers, stickerless version.

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