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Buying Pyraminx: excellent option. Variant of the rubik's cube.

Buying Pyraminx is an excellent option. It is a tetrahedron-shaped element that is easy to assemble. However, the less experienced ones imagine that this activity is not as easy as many people say. Do not hesitate to buy this product and get to know it better in the following information.

What is Pyraminx?

This variation of the rubik's cube was invented in the early 70's by Uwe Meffert, but was not patented until 1981. The element is very well known, in fact many well-known brands have this product available and there are several types of Pyraminx.

The rubik's cube pyramid is available in various costs, in different kinds of positioning and a few turning sensations. Therefore, there is a wide catalogue for you to choose the one you like best.

Variation of the rubik's cube pyramid

The most common tetrahedron cube is the one with click positioning and three levels. However, over the years different types of Pyraminx have come onto the market. One of the most outstanding is the Moyu brand, which has a greater stability than other designs.

If we talk about the most recent models on the market we cannot fail to mention the X-Man Pyraminx Magnetic. The positioning of this is magnetic, it is a very revolutionary variation of the Rubik's cube. Competitors appreciate the benefits of magnets, as the turns are better.

On the other hand, the Master Pyraminx has four levels and there is also a two level one called "Pyramorphix". The designs that are a bit more complex are the Volcano and the Master Pyraminx.

Why buy Pyraminx?

The benefits of buying Pyraminx and assembling it are the same as with the Rubik's cube, let's review them. The main thing is that it improves the mental agility and the speed of the fingers and hands. It also stimulates and trains your memory, without forgetting that it helps you get rid of stress.

As mentioned before, building this rubik is not difficult, in fact, it is possible to complete it without any help or guidance. The simplicity and the shape of the rubik's cube pyramid are very striking factors, that's why it's a well known element.

Surely you know that there are competitions to determine who is the fastest in the world when assembling the rubik's cube. There are also those who are good with the rubik's cube. A large number of these professionals are able to complete it in 4 seconds and the shortest time is 2.14 seconds.

Go ahead and buy your Pyraminx!

Don't wait any longer and have fun completing the magnificent Pyraminx, you will surely love it. At MasKeCubos you will find this kind of cube and a great variety more, all of them are of quality.

With us you will find all types of rubik and the best brands in the world, such as Moyu, Dayan, Qiyi and much more. Access our site and find the best magic cube for you!

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