Cuboids are variations of Rubik's Cube forming orthogonal parallelepipeds with different number of rows in each side, creating several different models to date. 

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  • FanXin Dinosaurs 2x3x3, puzzle modification in the shape of these cute dinosaurs. This pack includes: Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus y Styracosaurus.

  • Rubik's Junior , in the shape of a Bear, Cat, Rabbit and Dog A 3x2x1 Original, Simple, Funny. Ideal for the little ones Choose your model:

  • Cuboid 3x3x7 Magic Cube with black base and quick and smooth movements. A new cuboid challenge!

  • The Cube Twist Bandaged 3x3 is a 3x3 magic cube with a very good and easy turn One of its characteristics is that it does not have stickers but that its pieces are plastic tiles. These covers or tiles have different shapes so they can block two, three and even four pieces.

  • DianSheng Shield Magic Cube with Black Base is a spectacular modified version of the regular 3x3x3 cube.

  • Dayan Bermuda Planet, with black base and stickers, are a spectacular modified version of the 3x3 cube with oblique cuts that generate complex shapes when rotated. Choose your model:

  • DianSheng 2-Layer Cylinder 3x3x2 or also known as "Column Cylinder 2-layers" with the base in black is a variation of the 2x3x3 cuboid with shape of cylindrical column.

  • DianSheng 3-Layer Cylinder 3x3x3 or also known as "Column Cylinder 3-layers" with the base in black is a variation of the original Rubik's Cube with shape of cylindrical column.

  • DianSheng 2-layer Star SQ1 with the base in black is a two-layer version with star shape of the classic cube Square-One. Similarly to the original version, the cube can adopt non-cubic shapes due to its special mechanism.

  • The Tangram is a very old Chinese game called Chi Chiao Pan, which means wisdom table. The puzzle  of seven pieces or "tans" that come out of cutting a square into five triangles of different shapes, a square and a parallelogram. The game consists of using all the pieces to build different shapes. 

  • Z-CUBE 1x2x2, new model, small size will allow you entertainment anytime, anywhere. Very smooth and high quality turn.

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