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  • WISDOM-SPHERE OF WISDOM In 1992 Yang-Hsun (Taiwan) invented the Sphere of Wisdom, combining the concept of the 3 dimensions of the revolutionary Celestial Spheres of the Ancient Chinese Civilization, with numerical philosophy. No Formulas, Challenging, Very Fun 3 levels to choose from : Inspiration-Advanced-Wisdom

  • GLOBO DI GALILEO, wooden puzzle in the shape of the Earth in 3D A nice wooden balloon... to remind us of the great mind that was Galileo. Difficulty: Hard 3/6. A challenge for your mind and ideal to exercise your brain.

  • YJ MAPLE YEET BALL Amazing and beautiful spherical version of the Maple Leaf!

  • FanXin Basketball 3x3, modification of the 3x3 puzzle in the shape of a basketball. 3 colours to choose from : Blue, Red and Orange

  • Rubik's Perplexus Fusion 2 x 2 , combines two puzzles into one

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