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Based on the rubik's original cube but with different shapes and solutions.

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  • Cuboid

    Cuboids are variations of Rubik's Cube forming orthogonal parallelepipeds with different number of rows in each side, creating several different models to date. 

  • SkewB

    Puzzle composed of pieces that can rotate and change of position. Its name comes from the English words skew and cube and was invented by british journalist Tony Durham.

    Recently, many models inspired SkewB are being manufactured.

  • Crazy
  • Ghost
  • Magneticos

    Buying a Rubik's magnetic cube What do you need to know?

    The magnetic rubik's cube started to be distributed all over the world in the year 2017. It has always proved to be an ideal product to distract yourself for a while while you strive to complete it. It also shows great performance when used in speedcubing, do you want to buy one?

    Meet the Rubik's magnetic cube!

    Rubik's cube solvers are often demanding when acquiring the item they plan to use. The magnetic rubik's cube is one of the most chosen types, do you know why? Here are the reasons why. Reading them will convince you that choosing this product is a great choice.

    A magnetic cube is more stable than a normal one, besides, it has a good cut and is fast. No matter how fast you move the sections of the cube, the magnetic sensation is perceived, but it is not uncomfortable.

    Magnetic cubes are very flexible, light and are the ones that many choose when participating in a speedcubing competition. The design of this element is also a point in its favour.

    Why buy a rubik's magnetic cube?

    These rubik's cubes show more stability thanks to the magnets that contain the internal faces of their pieces. In addition, the movements made are more precise as their design allows the cube to remain aligned.

    If you want speed, you need a magnetic cube, so you get the right levels of tension. You only need the corners to join so that the magnets do the rest and square the cube. The above allows you to save a few seconds, that is a great help in a competition.

    Brands that have magnetic cubes

    One of the companies that stands out most in the manufacture of these cubes is GAN, followed by Moyu. If you are a fan of these cubes, you will surely know it. Magnets are characterised by their good lubrication and tightness. Many professional competitors have used GAN or Moyu hubs to break records.

    Now, the Valk brand presents buckets with new designs, more robust and very controllable. The turns are fast and smooth, what is most remarkable is that it does not suffer from clogging. Many appreciate the presentation of these products, as the boxes are elegant and include accessories such as spare parts springs.

    These are only three of the most outstanding brands in the manufacture of buckets with magnets. There are a few more, these also present quality products, but GAN, Moyuy Valk are the ones that stand out the most when it comes to magnetic elements.

    Buy a Rubik's magnetic cube!

    The magnetic versions of the cubes are the most outstanding designs on the market. You already know that they allow you to make movements with greater speed and ease. So, don't wait any longer and buy your cube of this kind, when you have it in your hands it doesn't take long to realize that the investment is worth it.

    At MasKeCubos you will find a wide variety of magic cubes, including magnetic ones. Don't hesitate to look at our extensive catalogue and decide on one of them, we have products from the best brands.

  • Mirror
  • Mixup
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