Secret boxes or secret chests are puzzles with secret mechanisms to open them.

There are different secret boxes, with different opening mechanisms and greater or lesser difficulty, but all of them very interesting and fun.

Their origin, and where they started to be more popular, is in Japan.

But now, due to their great interest, they are popular all over the world.

If you like challenges, this is your new Challenge.

We have expanded our stock and added to our secret boxes, the ESCAPE ROOM games, with which you can play as a team or turn your brain around and around, until you find the solution: OPEN THE BOX OR BOX!

Ideal to play alone, with family, with friends, as it has no age, you only need skill depending on how complex the puzzles are.

In addition these puzzles, if they are encouraged in a common use, can help to the collaboration in team, together with the desire to share ideas and to solve the possible riddles that appear to us, since the aim is the same for all... OPENING THE BOX

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  • Secret Box with Rubik's Cube design Can you figure out how to open it?

  • Double Pandora Box, Open the compartments of this mysterious and secret box You will get it ?

  • Yuxing 3x3 Safe, 3x3 cube with which you will leave everyone surprised. Outside a totally normal 3x3. But it has a trick... Available in Black Base or Stickerless

  • THE CHURCHILL WHISKY BOTTLE Can you get the ball out of the bottle? Difficulty: EXTREME 4/6 will be able to remove the ticket trapped inside the glass. Fantastic and Original puzzle with trick: you must remove the trapped ticket behind the glass that can slide but ... is blocked, will you get it?

  • SHERLOCK HOLMES - THE CASE OF THE SAFE WITH THE TREASURES After depositing your coin, can you solve the mysteries of the safe to get it back? Difficult secret box also for Sherlock Holmes Difficulty: HARD 3/6

  • Secret Boxes opens the compartments of this mysterious secret box. Difficulty : 4/6 Can you do it?

  • COFRE LABERINTO , opens this box by unlocking the intelligent system hidden inside the box Difficulty: Difficult Ideal for hiding and/or giving objects and money, gift cards, jewelry, etc...

  • MYSTERIOUS DIE WOOD BOX We bring you a challenge of the difficult ones, to test your intelligence and dexterity. It consists of opening the secret box, unlocking an interconnected sequential system hidden inside the die Difficult INCREDIBLE 5/6

  • CHESTOF LOVE Open the chest to keep the secrets of the heart safe... Difficulty: INCREDIBLE 5/6

  • THE CHEST OF CARIBBEAN SECRETS A box / chest, of some difficulty, with a nice map design on top. It can't be missing for those who are passionate about puzzles. Difficulty: HARD 3/6

  • This secret box model will take you into space. A very beautiful, decorative and not easy to solve box model. Difficulty: 5/6 INCREDIBLE

  • A new box for our Leonardo da Vinci collection. CHALLENGE: Open the box, unlock an intelligent system, hidden inside the box.

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