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  • Ball Labyrinth of different Levels Orange :Easy Red: Medium Blue : Difficult

  • SNAKE You will have to assemble and disassemble the cube. The cube is made up of 27 pieces joined by a rubber band. Difficulty: DIFFICULT 3/6

  • Qiyi presents this Puzzle composed of 36 squares and 35 magnetic pieces to move the pieces. 

  • Chess set with folding chessboard

  • ANACONDA, this wooden puzzle, from the Leonardo series, consists of 64 cubes connected with a rubber A new series of puzzle games including oversized classic 3D cubes Amazing puzzle only for EXPERTS.  

  • PUZZLES EUGY Dodoland creatures are our friends made of biodegradable materials, with ecological ink, combined with non-toxic glue, 3D and collectibles.

  • Dominoes Black Box, is a basic domino, the chips are made of resin and the plastic box. The measure of the card 5x2.5x0.6cm.

  • This game is a challenge for your intelligence and a challenge for your imagination allowing you to design thousands of different figures. We have also added 36 cards divided into 3 difficulty levels so that you can measure your progress.

  • Parchís - Wooden Goose Metal Box, 2 board games, in a metal box, ideal for a gift or to have it at home and have a good time with friends and / or family. Goose: Game of 2 or more players advancing their chips by a spiral shaped board Parchis: 4-player game whose purpose is to take your chips first to the goal, going through the entire board.

  • Chess - Checkers - Backgammon 3 games in a wooden box whose cover is a reversible board with chess and checkers, and Backgammon in marquetry of 30 x 30cm  

  • ARISTÓTELES NUMBER PUZZLE you will have to make each row, both horizontal, diagonal and vertical add up to 38 Difficulty: INCREDIBLE 5/6

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