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  • Ball Labyrinth of different Levels Orange :Easy Red: Medium Blue : Difficult

  • EUREKA 3D FORD GT 3D PUZZLE Assemble all 38 pieces and you will finally have your very own Ford GT. Start at the bottom and assemble all the pieces in a specific order.

  • THE CHEST OF CARIBBEAN SECRETS A box / chest, of some difficulty, with a nice map design on top. It can't be missing for those who are passionate about puzzles. Difficulty: HARD 3/6

  • EUREKA 3D JIGSAW PUZZLES IN TIN - THE FOUR L MULTICOLOUR. New Eureka! 3D Puzzle series made of alloy, made in the HUZZLE style of great difficulty. CHALLENGE: Dismantle and assemble the cross made of 4 cleverly coloured L-shaped pieces + the frame.

  • Can you guess the secret combination? CHALLENGE: Find out if you are a good safecracker

  • MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Take the message out of the bottle, read it and follow the instructions as quickly as possible! Difficulty: EXTREME 4/6

  • These secret Puzzle Boxes come with a clue on the packaging, very similar to the one in the Escape rooms.

  • The INSIDE 3 collection is made up of five mini-adventures where you will have to guide your character (represented by a little ball) through mazes, some more complicated than others. Each game has a different level of difficulty and its own universe. In each of the adventures you must find the treasure and retrace your steps back to the starting point.

  • After a long walk through the forest, tired and exhausted, you arrive at a hut.This hut looks like the ideal resting place, but how do you get in?Knocking on the door is no use because there doesn't seem to be anyone there, and the door isn't what it looks like either. Is it a safe place?

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