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Secret Boxes opens the compartments of this mysterious secret box.

Difficulty : 4/6

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  • Bamboo Secret Box

    A new challenge in the form of a secret box. But this box is not the same as the others.

    Don't forget it. Never use the Force. The only way to open the puzzle is to make certain moves in a certain order. But this box is not the same as the others.

    This square-shaped secret box contains more than one secret compartment that you will have to discover to solve the challenge.

    It is made of stained wood with an oriental lattice decoration on the top and a variety of symbolic patterns around the box.

    We tell you a bit of its history:

    According to research by Wei Zhang and her husband Peter Rasmussen, it seems that the origins of the secret opening of these Chinese boxes are to be found in Shanxi province, China. From the beginning they were mainly used to store important documents and valuables.

    One box was even found in a local market with an inscription from 1905, "31 years of the reign of Guangxu", so it is known that they have existed for more than 100 years.

    Size: 11*11*7,6 cm

    Entertainment guaranteed! Be a genius with

    Includes instructions on how to open it

    Important: May change colour from the picture due to its material


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