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WISDOM-SPHERE OF WISDOM In 1992 Yang-Hsun (Taiwan) invented the Sphere of Wisdom, combining the concept of the 3 dimensions of the revolutionary Celestial Spheres of the Ancient Chinese Civilization, with numerical philosophy.

No Formulas, Challenging, Very Fun

3 levels to choose from : Inspiration-Advanced-Wisdom

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    No Formulas, Challenging, Very Fun

    Improves concentration, logic and patience

    Excellent for all ages, stimulates memory and sensory-motor coordination

    INSPIRATION -Basic version Beginner

    Spherical jigsaw puzzle with sliding numerical counters and 6 rotating discs. Each disc has 8 numbered counters along the edge. The goal is to put all the pieces on each disc in their corresponding color, and in numerical order from 1 to 8

    The disk where the purple numbers are located has an empty space instead of the number 8, which allows you to move the pieces from one disk to another.

    ADVANCED - Intermediate Level Version

    The goal here is to order 4 disks that have 8 counters numbered along the edge and the remaining 2 disks that have the counters numbered 1-4 along the edge and 5-8 in the middle.

    The disc with the white numbered counters has an empty space instead of the number 8, which allows you to move the counters from one disc to another.

    WISDOM-Difficult version, challenging your limit

    The objective here is to arrange the 6 disks containing the counters 1-4 along the edge and 5-8 with the counters in the middle.


    Age from 5 to 100 years

    Size: 9cm

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