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YuXin Skewb Multi Cube 3x3

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YuXin Greg's Multi Cube or YuXin Multi-Skewb Cube is a super innovative design of a 2-layer skewb.

Designed by Greg's Puzzles and the YuXin brand.

Available in color: blue and black

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  • YuXin Greg's Multi Cube is an amazing modified version of the 3x3 cube that generates a 3D puzzle with asymmetric rectangular shapes.

    The YuXin Multi-Skewb Cube is one of the most difficult and amazing transformation of the well-known Skewb Cube.

    It consists of two layers, which causes multiple pieces, but also has the core or hollow center, which provides the inside of the cube.

    The pieces inside the Skew also carry colors, which makes their resolution even more complicated.

    This cube does not deform and has the same type of spin as the skewb.

    It comes in a transparent box with stand included.

    Get this new Yuxin cube, and add it to your collection of Rubik's, Dayan, Qiyi ... and Be a Genius !!! with Maskecubos.com

    Difficulty: 12/12


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