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Meffert´s Hollow Cube 2X2


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Meffert's Hollow Cube 2x2, is the latest innovation from this quality brand, within the world of invention cubes.

The Hollow Series presents an intriguing and innovative breakthrough in magic cubes and puzzles

A new challenge that will make you break your head!

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  • Hollow Cube 2X2 cube surprising and unique, as it has no centers, allowing you to see how the segments move.

    The movements of coreless puzzles are different from anything experienced by even the most experienced cube maker

    With a combination of inventive play and stunning design, Meffert's Hollow series is part gift, part puzzle and part collector's item.

    Its design is very nice, but that doesn't make it any less difficult than a normal cube. Turn the cube over and over to mix the colors.

    It will help your memory, reasoning, spatial vision, motor skills, creative thinking ... all this and much more in Maskecubos.com

    Size:60x60 mm

    Weight: 82 gr

    Add it to your collection of Dayan, Rubik, Shengshou and #Be a Genius cubes!


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