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It all started in 1986 when Dirk, a crazy inventor from Zoersel, created the Happy Cube©® puzzle.

Today, his goal is still to challenge people to happiness with the 3D brain training cubes.

We invite you to explore and experience their endless possibilities.

6 colours to choose from:

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  • HAPPY is passionate about children's growth, development and flexibility to cope with change.

    Happy Cube is a 2D to 3D puzzle.

    It consists of 6 puzzle pieces in a frame with which a perfect cube can be made.

    We have cubes of various colours, sizes and difficulties, for all ages.

    The whole collection consists of 3D cube puzzles, from easy to expert. When you have more puzzles, you can combine them and increase your level of competence by creating bigger constructions.

    Easier said than done

    When you accept the Happy puzzle challenge, first THINK about how you are going to make the cube. During the puzzle you act with your hands and actively explore the surface and shape of the puzzle pieces.

    As you play, you receive visual information from your eyes, hands and fingers, and emotional information from your heart. Finally, when you create the perfect cube, you feel happy!

    Because multiple senses are used, learning is more deeply rooted in the brain and body, and therefore remembered better and longer.

    Happy Cube puzzles are loved by puzzlers of all ages all over the world, who.... create, play and learn!

    • Fun for all ages, try it with the whole family!
    • For one or more players
    • Endless play time
    • Small product for travel by car-bus-train-plane
    • Sustainable
    • Made in the EU
    • Environmentally friendly packaging
    • Educational
    • Helps self-esteem
    • Develop spatial intelligence
    • Stimulate fine motor skills
    • Improve mind-body coordination
    • Childproof
    • 100% safe foam
    • Soft and unbreakable
    • Washable at 30°c

    Test your flexibility in handling changes, develop your spatial vision and, last but not least... Be persistent and get HAPPY!

    Get it here and #beagenius with Maskecubos


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