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Mofang Jiaoshi Moyu Redi Barrel


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New Mofang Jiaoshi Moyu Redi Barrel is a modification of a standard Redi model, created by a Spanish cuber: PEAELE, with more capacity to deform, which makes it more difficult to solve.

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  • Mofang Jiaoshi Moyu Redi Barrel, modification of a standard Redi, and with greater difficulty which makes it a new challenge.

    Spherical core of 8 axes, with greater stability.

    This Barrel Redi, is different from Redi since it can change shape even when mixed.

    Transparent stickerless.

    Get yours and add it to your collection of Qiyi, Dayan, Rubik's and Be a Genius !!! with

    Size: 60.5x59.5x59.5 mm

    Weight: 100gr

    Difficulty: 10/12


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