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GAN I3 3x3 , GAN is back to shake up the world of electronic Rubik's Cubes with this NEW smart, magnetic enhanced model.

You can connect it via bluetooth to your smartphone through the CUBE STATION APP.

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  • GAN I3 3x3

    Gan has the best 3x3 cubes of the moment. With excellent corner cutting, smooth turning and super stable and magnetic.

    With this improved smart cube model, it goes one step further.

    You can record, analyse, practice, and connect with other cubers for competitions.

    With excellent corner cutting, smooth turning, super stable and magnetic. This model adds the improvement of being able to adjust its magnets and also has a gyroscope.

    New shape and new sensations with this superb 3x3 Intelligent

    New internal configuration to incorporate the intelligent numerical core and the intelligent motion capture system and bluetooth created for speedcubing....


    1. ID CARTA


    3. springs.

    4. Tensions

    5. Gan Bag

    6. Tutorial

    7. Charging base

    Size: 56 ×56 ×56 mm

    Weight: 89gr

    Get your GAN I3 3x3 and Be a Genius ...!!!! with


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