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GAN 251M LEAP , new model of GAN 2x2 Magnetic, superior to the 251M.

With extra smooth turns, this new version of 2x2 MAGNETIC has magnets in its corners and core.

Option: Stickerless

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  • GAN 251 M LEAP is a stickerless cube with excellent quality from the well-known brand Gan.

    The quantity of magnets is the most visible difference of this model, which resembles the GAN 11 M PRO. Magnets in corners and centre.

    This version adds about 48 inner magnets, which makes the stability of the cube more stable.

    Great corner cutting, Anti-pop.

    Spectacular this Magnetic version

    Products and accessories : Plastic box, GES (Tension) set, Gan tutorial, spanner spanner

    Size: 51*51mm

    Weight: 58 gr

    It will give you one of the best solving experiences, both for the most demanding and expert cubers, and for those who are just starting to solve Rubik's cubes, Moyu, Dayan... buy it at and #beagenius!!!!


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