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MF8 STARMINX Dodecahedron.

Also called Dodecahedron Dino or DinoMinx.

This model comes with the stickers NOT placed.

More details

  • It is the mythical DODECAEDRO DINO puzzle now known as STARMINX I of 12 faces of the brand mf8 (quality guarantee), a variant of the magic cube in its 12 x 12 version, this version appeared at the beginning of the 80s. It is a model that turns the corners.

    It is a large cube with almost 11 cm sides.

    The permutations that can be obtained with the Starminx are: 8.2 x 1068 as opposed to 4.3 × 1019 for the 3×3x3 Cube.

    Nevertheless, the solution is quite similar to that of the classic cube.

    Size: 104.1x104.1x90.2mm

    Will you be able to find the solution?


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