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Exciting new puzzle game for the whole family

Challenge: Are you clever enough to discover the secret of the burial chamber?

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  • The Quest Pyramid is an interactive pyramid with several puzzles that must be solved one by one in order to open the pyramid.

    Nothing is based on chance, you have to make sensible decisions.

    The Quest Pyramid is the escape room in your home!

    There are tricky puzzles waiting for you that require logical thinking and creativity.

    Since the puzzles consist of symbols and numbers, you can solve the pyramid in any language!

    Open the pyramid and discover the secret that lies dormant in it. By cleverly combining and changing the different mechanisms, you will always get closer to the solution. The pyramid can always return to its initial state and be released by others.

    The pyramid is delivered assembled so that you can start puzzling immediately.

    Start at the bottom of the pyramid, there you will find the numbering of all puzzles to be solved in the pyramid.

    Once you have solved all the tricky puzzles and placed the mechanisms in the correct position, the secret burial chamber should come to light!

    Contains: 63 pieces

    Handmade from high quality birch wood.

    Pyramid size: 19 cm x 19 cm x 10 cm

    Size of the burial chamber in the pyramid: 5,2 cm x 5,2 cm x 5,2 cm x 5,2 cm

    This spectacular model is a must for your collection.

    Get it at and #beagenius


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