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With the Fort Knox Box you take on the role of a mafia family planning a unique heist: the Fort Knox heist!

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  • Fort Knox Box

    Objective: one of the mysterious Bubu coins. A very legendary coin that many adventurers and detectives have had their hands on. Recently, a specimen has been discovered in an ancient Egyptian mummy and even in outer space.

    One thing is certain: the coin is valuable and you absolutely need it to expand your position in the family. But before that, you have to solve many puzzles and work your way inside by spinning, sliding and combining creatively.

    You can expect up to 1 hour or more of fun puzzles and an interactive experience that will test your sense of touch and logical thinking, always motivating you to try new creative solutions.

    Can you decipher the many safeguards of the world's most secure vault, consolidate your position in the underworld and unravel the mystery of the Bubu coin?

    As a gift, the Fort Knox box offers challenging puzzles for the whole family.

    High quality packaging and elaborate detailing complete the Fort Knox Box and make it a perfect gift for amateur sleuths, escape room fans and anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and cracking logic nuts.

    Forget wrapping paper and parcel ties and make unwrapping an experience: the Fort Knox box is not only a gift, but also a unique wrapping.

    There is a hollow space inside. After unwrapping, you can place your gift in the box and reassemble it. Compared to the Quest Pyramid and the Space Box, the inside has been enlarged. Now you have more space to hide the presents in the box.

    The most important thing: logic and patience, step by step.

    Material: Wood

    Number of players: 1 or more ...

    Get it at and #beagenius


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