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With the Fort Knox Pro Box, the evolution of the famous Fort Knox, you can also play the role of a mafia family planning a unique heist: the Fort Knox Pro heist!

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  • Objective:

    The year is 1947 and... the criminal world will never be the same!

    The legendary thief Al Capone, knowing that his life is coming to an end, has entered the most secure vault in the United States to hide everything stolen in plain sight.

    Her choice of him? The safest place in the world is the vault at Fort Knox! Walls covered with a layer of concrete and a 22-ton door at the entrance... What else to say, the jewels of the United Kingdom were stored here during the Second World War.

    Although Al Capone made a great fortune through fraud and robbery, the purpose of entering Fort Knox was his childhood treasure, which he guarded all his life—the Bubu coin, an heirloom through all generations of the family. Capone.

    The legendary criminal's goal was accomplished when he hid the coin so no one could find it for centuries.

    It's time to become a new legend of the criminal world! Infiltrate the impregnable Fort Knox Pro and be the first to reach the precious Bubu Coin. Ahead!

    You can expect up to 1 hour or more of puzzle fun and an interactive experience that will challenge your sense of touch and logical thinking, always motivating you to try new creative solutions.

    Will you be able to decipher the many safeguards of the most secure vault in the world, consolidate your position in the underworld and unravel the mystery of the Bubu coin?

    In addition, this model allows us to store bills or coins through one of its faces without having to open it.

    As a gift, the Fort Knox box offers challenging puzzles for the whole family.

    High-quality packaging and intricate details complete the Fort Knox Box and make it a perfect gift for hobby detectives, escape room fans, and anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and cracking logic nuts.

    Ditch the wrapping paper and package ties and make unwrapping an experience: the Fort Knox box is not just a gift, it's also unique packaging.

    There is a hollow space inside. After unwrapping it, you can place your gift in the box and reassemble it.

    Compared to the Search Pyramid and Space Box, the interior has been enlarged. Now you have more space to hide the gifts in the box.

    The most important thing: logic and patience, step by step

    It has a secret compartment to store

    Material: birch wood.

    Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 11.5cm

    Inner compartment: 5.3 х 5.3 х 3 cm

    Number of players:

    Fort Knox Pro is a simple game from the smart game series by EscapeWelt. Fort Knox Pro has an average completion time of 60-90 minutes.

    Number of Players: Play alone or with friends and family. You can share the puzzle solving experience with two or three other players.

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