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Scape Tales Scions of Wyrmwood is the third title in the Escape Tales saga that began with The Awakening and Without Memory.

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  • Enter an escape room style card game that offers a deep storytelling experience. Solve timeless puzzles and face difficult decisions as you experience a fascinating story set in a dark and mysterious world.

    Scions of Wyrmwood is a standalone game that can be enjoyed without any familiarity with the previous titles. It tells the dark and convoluted story of a man whose fate is affected by mysterious powers and the tyranny of evil men. Prepare for a thrilling adventure filled with unpredictable twists, surprising revelations and exciting puzzles. Faced with highly personal decisions that will affect the plot, enter a shadowy fantasy world where nothing is as it seems.

    Over 60 different endings!
    For the first time in the Escape Tales line, you can collect items and adventure companions. Combine different cards using the app to unlock even more options. What will Gilbert think of that object, and will he have any information about it?

    Scions of Wyrmwood immerses you in a story with even more twists than The Awakening or No Memory. As you progress through the plot, you will be forced to make tough decisions that will test the scales of your morality. There are more than 60 different storylines to choose from, depending on the paths you take during the game!

    Visit different locations and discover mysteries and puzzles in a narrative style similar to the famous adventure novels... but with more freedom of action! Discover a fantasy universe full of puzzles and riddles that you will solve with the support of a mobile app that, once downloaded, you can use without an Internet connection.


    187 playing cards
    16 location cards
    8 concentration cards
    8 cards of rest
    4 help cards
    36 action tokens
    1 map
    3 narrator's books
    1 rulebook
    Game card

    Recommended age : over 16 years old

    Number of players: 1 to 4

    Duration: + 9 hours

    Link to mobile app to download: click here 


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