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Escape Tales The Awakening

is a narrative Escape Room style board game.

It is designed for 1 to 4 players and offers an immersive story with multiple endings.

Escape Tales El Despertar comes with the Seal of Excellence from the famous Youtube channel The Dice Tower.

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  • Escape Tales The Awakening: Unravel the mystery of Lizzy

    Your name is Samuel. Five years ago your wife Jennifer passed away, leaving you and your daughter alone. It was hard for you to accept her death. But little by little you came to terms with it. Your only consolation was to think that nothing could get worse. You were wrong...

    Two months ago, your daughter Lizzy started to feel unwell; she was always tired and would fall asleep anywhere. Suddenly, one day she collapsed and fell into a deep coma. The strange thing is that the doctors can't seem to find the cause. They can't explain why she has fallen ill and assure us that everything in her is fine.

    But she still won't wake up...

    Now, your only hope lies in a strange book that describes a mysterious magic ritual...

    Thus begins the immersive story of Escape Tales The Awakening, a narrative-style escape room board game.

    Unlike other escape room type games, Escape Tales The Awakening offers remarkable replayability.

    There are seven different endings that players can explore by reliving Samuel's story from different perspectives and through different playthroughs. At the same time, the multiple stages that make up the game and the rotating action mechanics of its main engine ensure that it is nearly impossible to uncover every hidden location and riddle in a single game.

    A board, cards and a digital application

    All this through simple and intuitive rules and a book that introduces the story of Samuel and Lizzy through a system similar to the Find Your Own Adventure novels.

    The Awakening works in conjunction with a software application that guides players through the various puzzles. For ease of use, Board&Dice has created it in such a way that it can be used even without an Internet connection. The game also has a saving mechanism that allows you to stop the game and pick it up again at another time at the point where you left off.


    • Narrator's Book
    • Game Board
    • 18 action counters


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