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Magic Cube Double Mirror Sieames 3x3x5 is an incredible modified version of Cube Mirror 3x3 that generates a 3D puzzle with asymmetrical rectangular shapes.

There are 2 mirrored cubes, Mirror silver and Mirror gold.

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  • In this puzzle Double Mirror Siames 3x3x5, gold and silver, each piece size is different and when it is rotated, it does not generate a cube but a 3D puzzle with asymmetrical rectangular shape.

    Excellent spin which makes it deform very well.

    Its resolution is like a normal 3x3 siam but instead of guiding you through the colors you have to be guided by the shape.

    The other difference is that all parts have the same color, shiny stickers that resemble a gold mirror and floor (hence its name).

    Stickers of very high quality.

    To solve this, you will have to pay attention to the size of the pieces to place them in their correct position.

    Mirrormania hits the 3x3x5 cube!

    Complete your Rubik cube collection, Dayan, Shengshou ... with this original Cube Twist model.


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