2 x 2 LanLan Dodecahedron Megaminx. 12 colors. 12 sides Base black. View larger

LanLan 2x2 Dodecahedron Megaminx


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A cube completely different shaped dodecahedron - Megaminx, but in reality it is only a 2 x 2 or not?, 12 colors and with 12 sides in BASE black version.

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  • Also called LANLAN 2 x 2 x 2 dodecahedron Megaminx, this model is one of the variations of the classic Megaminx in 2 x 2, manufactured by LANLAN, check the photos and the mobility of the same. High quality in their movements.

    Size: 64 mm x 64 mm x 74 mm

    Difficulty: 8 / 12


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