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YJ MGC3 3X3 ELITE M, Cubes in MAGNETIC version, high range and very good value for money.

Handy and easy to hold. This makes a better result in the practice of speed cubing.

You have it in 2 versions : Black base or Stickerless

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  • The YJ MGC3 X3X3 is a 3x3 with an extra smooth turn, more modern in its design with rounded corners. This version adds some exposed magnets between the edge and corners, which makes the cube more stable and changes the magnetic feel.

    In addition this new version ELITE M has included the adjustment, which we can arrange to our taste

    It is a quality Mannequin model at a very good price

    It will give you one of the best resolution experiences, both for the most demanding and expert Cubans, and for those who are starting to solve Rubik's, Moyu's, Dayan's cubes...

    It comes in a black box, elegant and very well presented. Includes magnets and adjustment

    The bucket has shiny, soft stickers.

    Available in black sticker version

    Size: 55,5 mm

    Weight: 87g


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