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Helicopter 2x2, this new cube model, is a modified version of a 2x2.

Original and novel form. A challenge to your mind, with this 2x2 transformed.

Stickers strong colors.

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  • Helicopter 2x2, new and original design. Soft twist, common feature in this manufacturer..

    You will be surprised by his surprise movements, as you turn him around. It is a riddle, since you can deform it without completely undoing it, but as you turn it in all its movements ... can you return it to its place? When aligned in a certain way, the puzzle is also capable of changing shapes to strange shapes.

    Of the curvy family, behaves similarly, so it is also recommended for those who enjoy the helicopter.

    Do not miss the opportunity to get this entertaining puzzle

    Will you be able to solve it?

    Add this cube to your collection of cubes Rubik, Qiyi, Dayan, Meffert ...

    Weight: Approx 145g

    Dimensions: 59x59 mm


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