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Black Petaminx. Magic Dodecahedron


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Black Petaminx 12x12x9 Magic Dodecahedron is a modification of the famous MEGAMINX rubik's cube raised to the fourth power with many more pieces on each side.

This product comes with the stickers not placed (see Pictures).

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  • Petaminx 12x12x9 is the largest DODECAHEDRON 3D puzzle ever built. With huge dimensions as seen in the data sheet, this puzzle has 975 pieces.

    With 12 different color faces and 9 rows in each side, this massive Minx variant is very difficult to get. The permutations that can be obtained with the Petaminx are 3 x 10996. A superb magic cube for real professionals.

    Will You Dare to Solve this Massive 3D Puzzle?

    Size: 17 cm x 19 cm x 17 cm

    Difficulty: 12 / 12


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